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Permission for transfer of plot/premises on demise of the allottee to his legal heirs who has not left any Will /or has left un-registered Will and plot is being transferred with mutual consent of all the legal heirs
Transfer application on plain paper can be submitted in the concerned office along with the following documents:-
1 Certified copy of Death Certificate
2 An affidavit on a stamp paper of Rs. 10/- duly notarized in the prescribed format by the legal heir claiming transfer.
3 An indemnity bond in favour of the Authority in prescribed format on a stamp paper of Rs.100/- duly notarized
4 Affidavit(s) on stamp paper of Rs.10/- duly notarized in the prescribed format by the other legal heir(s) of the deceased allottee willing to forgo their claim in favour of the legal heir claiming transfer
5 Signatures and photograph of all the legal heirs attested by bankers.
6 No due certificate issued by the concerned Accounts Officer.
7 No objection certificate from bank/institution, if plot/premises is mortgaged.
8 Copy of occupancy certificate/completion certificate issued by Building Cell for transfer of residential plot/copy of functional certificate for transfer of industrial/commercial/institutional plot/premises or copy of extension letter valid upto the date of transfer (Sl. 7 shall not be applicable if transfer request is moved during the stipulated construction period
9 No objection certificate from the respective co-operative society for transfer of residential plot allotted to the members of co-operative societies
10 No objection certificate from AWHO/AFNHB/Builders/Co-operative societies for the flats/houses allotted the respective institution
11 No transfer charges/processing fee is payable, if transfer is sought in favour of son/daughter/mother/father/husband/wife of the deceased allottee
12 50% transfer charges as applicable shall be payable if transfer is sought in favour of grand children/brother/sister of the deceased allottee.. However, no objection in the form of affidavit in the prescribed proforma shall be required from son/daughter/mother/ father/husband/wife of the deceased allottee
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