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Administrative Complex
Sector 6, Noida - 201301
District. Gautam Budh Nagar
Uttar Pradesh, India
Fax: 91- 120- 2422210-317
Help Line No. 2425025,26,27
For Complaint Type your Name, Address, Complaint Details and send to 8860112244

Mr. Rama Raman CHAIRMAN & CEO 2422160(O)
Mrs. Aradhana Shukla OSD(A) 2422213
Mr. Pramod Kumar Agarwal ACEO(P) 2422704(O)
Mr. V.K Panwar ACEO(V) --
Mr. Vijay Kumar Yadav ACEO(Y) 2422427(O)
Mr. Akhilesh Singh ACEO(A) 2422348(O)
Mr. Rajesh Prakash ACEO(R) 2422015(O)
Mr. Manoj Rai OSD(M) 2422950(O)
Mr. A.C. Sharma CLA 2423525(O)
Mr. G.P. Singh FC 2425494(O)
Mr. A.K.Goel CPE & CME(CIVIL) 2422297(O)
Mr. H.V.S Bhadauria DSP & SPO ---
Mr. Nem Singh CFAO 2422085(O)
Mr. Home Singh Yadav CME(JAL) 2420817(O)
Mr. Bipin Gaur GM(Com.) 2422406(O)
Mr. Deo Pujari CAP/BC 2421753(O)
Mr. M.P.Sharma Sr.P.E. & Dir.(Hort.) 2422868(O)
Mr. Sandeep Chandra Sr.P.E.(Noida Traffic Cell) --
Mr. Ved Pal Sr.P.E.(RWA) --
Mr. Babu Ram P.E.(Noida Traffic Cell) --
Mr.Syodan Singh P.E(Enforcement) 2544607(O)
Mr. Mohd. Ishrat P.E(Work Circle-1) 2422433
Mr. S.C. Mishra P.E(Work Circle-2) 2544607(O)
Mr. R S Yadav P.E(Work Circle-3) 2501091(O)
Mr. K.R.Verma P.E(Work Circle-4 & Enforc.-I) --
Mr. A K Sharma P.E (Work Circle-5) --
Mr. H.N.Singh P.E(Work Circle-6 & Enforc.-II) ---
Mr. S.K.Gupta P.E(Work Circle-7) 2425228(O)
Mr. M.C.Tyagi P.E (Work Circle-8) 2530427(O)
Mr. R S Raghav P.E(Work Circle-9) --
Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh P.E(Work Circle-10),
BC (Res.Plot) &
Mr.S C Arora P.E(TAC) 2553698(O)
Mr.B K Singh P.E.(Health) 2501091(O)
Mr. Jai Prakash DGM (P) --
Mr.N.P.Jaiswal DGM (GA) 2422260(O)
Mr.Santosh Kumar OSD(GH) -
Mr.N K Singh AGM(Ind.) -
Mr. L.P. Singh AGM (Comm.) 2422309(O)
Mr. Rajendra Singh Dy.Director (Hort.-I) ---
Mr. I.P. Singh Dy.Director (Hort.-II) ---
Mr. Ashok Verma AGM(Infra.) ---
Mr. Ombir Singh Dy.Director (Hort.-III) ---
Mr.R.S.Kain Sr FAO(K) 2422078(O)
Mr.P.D.Sharma Desk Officer/PIO 2422437(O)
Mr.R. S. Yadav OSD(Res/H/Ind.) -
Mrs. Anju Kaushik OSD(PR) 2422317(O)
Ms. Shobha Kushwaha Manager (System) 2422083(O)
Mr. S. C. Gupta Manager (GH) --


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